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HOPA TV LOGOHope in Africa, abbreviated Hopa TV, is a Web TV that proposes a business model to migrants. First of its kind, Hopa TV was created to limit illegal immigration from Africa.  To this end, it intervenes in the economical insertion of these African migrants and those willing to migrate illegally. Hopa TV offers a blend of news, features and Travel Journalism.


More Africans are taking the path of illegal migration. They justify their act by the fact that economic conditions are not favourable in their respective countries. Europe appears therefore to them as the opportunity for a better life. In this quest, they spend several millions for the travel, fake documents and the payment of smugglers, all this, under very risky conditions.


At the same time, other Africans back in the continent, begin business activities, at times with not much money and many end up with success.  Among these "successful business owners" are former migrants who decided to return in their country.


Hopa TV seeks to talk about these "successful business-owners" in order to  :

  • Give another example to those thinking that one can only succeed in Europe
  • Give a hand to any African, legally or illegally based out of the continent and wishing to invest in Africa or to return
  • Provide ideas to those seeking to invest or to engage in a business, but don't know in which domain to do so
  • Help changing opinions of those who think one must have a significant capital to start a business
  • Texts and videos played by Hopa TV should inspire youths who are saving  money to attempt migration by the sea or the desert, by explaining to them how they can invest that money in their country
  • These texts and videos should also inspire thousands of migrants, blocked at the European borders, who, after gone through the difficulties of illegal migration, wish to return in their countries, but are uncertain about activities they can carry out there


Hopa TV is also a platform of exchange and experience sharing where young entrepreneurs and projects leaders can get into contact with experts and more experienced entrepreneurs, via TIC.


Finally, Hopa TV provides economic information to professionals, companies and organisations registered on its platform


Hopa TV was created in 2017 and edited by Nine's SARL. Its headquarters is found is Yaounde, Cameroon.


Editeur : Nine’s Sarl


Hosting : SDK Games Africa