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Bamboo benches in Cameroonian schools, soon

Rattan is valued

Rattan is valued

The Cameroonian Association named Foder, signed last May in Beijing in China, a memorandum of understanding with the International Network for Bamboo and rattan (INBAR), in order to promote the value chain of bamboo and rattan in Cameroon. 

In a short term, Foder, thanks to the support of INBAR, will create bamboo transformation units in which charcoal, floor panels, benches and even wooden slats to assemble boards.

This bamboo transformation will be carried out at the National Management Plan for Bamboo, placed under the supervision of the Cameroonian Ministry of Forest and Wildlife.

“Bamboo can generate incomes to urban and rural councils” pointed Rosette Mbenda, Foder Coordinator.

Two localities of Sanaga Maritime have already been selected for the pilot phase of the Management Plan for Bamboo. This Plan is estimated at CFAF 1 924 000 000, for a duration of five years.