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Ministry of Agriculture: New projects and programmes

Programmes dissous au ministère de l'Agriculture

Following an audit ordered in October 2016, almost 15 projects and programmes were cancelled, 11 projects have been created and four others have been extended.

Through an information notice published last June, Henri Eyebe Ayissi, Cameroonian Minister of #Agriculture, announced a restructuring of the entire projects and programmes benefiting from the exclusive financing of the Government Investment Budget. This restructuring has been carried out following an internal audit ordered in October 2016. It resulted in the dissolution of 15 out of 28 projects and programmes audited. Eleven new projects were created. Four programmes have been extended in their domain, following  a redefinition of their mandates and an adjustment of their denominations. Lastly, six projects and programmes have been maintained  in their specific mandates. The new projectsconfiguration include innovations like the creation of a project exclusively  for the production of agricultural seed for any speculation.

Liste des projets opérationnels au ministère de l'Agriculture


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