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Bamboo benches in Cameroonian schools, soon

The Cameroonian Association named Foder, signed last May in Beijing in China, a memorandum of understanding with the International Network for Bamboo and rattan (INBAR), in order to promote the value chain of bamboo and rattan in Cameroon. 

In a short term, Foder, thanks to the support of INBAR, will create bamboo transformation units in which charcoal, floor panels, benches and even wooden slats to assemble boards.

"He slept for two months on a mattress"

Ayah Paul Abine, a senior-ranking judge, was released last Thursday after eight months of detention. When we met him at home on the day he was released, he did not wish to speak. But Valentine Ayah, his wife, was willing to confide in us.

Cameroon:  #Dangote cement faces counterfeiting


Almost 37 tons of cement counterfeited had been seized at the #Douala port on June 16th, 2017 and destructed some few days later, in presence of some administrative and security authorities  of the town. This cargo was made up of 747 bags labelled #Dangote, #Medcem, #Mira-Co, #Conch, #Quifeurou and #Alpha. The presumed author, presented to the press as the producer of the counterfeited cement, was also of the number.

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